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Reclaim Your Resilience

Meet Amelia

Meet Lauren

Certified Life Coach

My greatest desire is to do good in the world, to help people, to help humanity. I understand the feelings of being overwhelmed, of giving so much of yourself to supporting, working, parenting, caregiving that it feels as though there's nothing left of, or for, yourself.

There are times when we feel stuck and unable to move toward living our most fulfilling life. Sometimes we feel heavy, hopeless, tired, overwhelmed, or we just don't know where to start. Sometimes we can't get items checked off our to do list, or can't find the motivation to pursue what we want to. I understand those feelings. I also know how to get to the other side, and I know that there can always be the other side.

This is your unique life. I want to empower you to tap into your inner strength, to find grounding, peace, and happiness in your life's unfolding, to reach for your dreams and meet your goals, to set your own boundaries, to know what your heart desires, and to live a meaningful life.  

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Are you dealing with...


Finding Your Purpose

Goals and Dreams

Starting a New Career

Do you wish that you could handle what comes your way with more ease and less frustration and anxiety? Does it feel like the small things are feeling bigger than they used to? Does it all sometimes feel like too much?

Are you having a hard time carving out time for yourself, meeting your goals and fulfilling your dreams?

Are you feeling burnt out, or stuck?

Are you unsure of what's next?

How Can I Help?

Caregiving / Parenting

Life Transitions


Kind Words

"My time with Lauren brought a clarity well beyond what I thought I needed. She has a thoughtful, calming and empathetic manner that always put me at ease. Lauren listens in a way that makes you feel seen and heard, and offers thought-provoking questions that bring a greater sense of awareness and understanding to the issues I’m facing. Lauren helps me to see through the surface-level chaos and get to the heart of the matter, guiding me to actions steps to help me make genuine forward movement. I feel a sense of empowerment and greater sense of control over things that previously felt frantic and impossible. Lauren has helped me to see - and handle - challenges in a far healthier and more productive manner. I am forever grateful for our sessions together … life is a little bit lighter now."

- Erika van Dam


Get Started

    Find energy and renewal when you are exhausted, uncover calm and peace in the midst of stress, find grounding and strength during life transitions, discover your next career or life purpose, feel less overwhelmed and keep moving forward toward a life of fulfillment. 

I offer coaching packages that vary in duration and frequency of meetings so that you are able to choose what best suits your needs. The first step in our time together is a Complimentary Session.


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Lauren Marini


Charlottesville, VA

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