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My Story

My path to life and resilience coaching has not been a straight one, but it certainly feels as though this is where my path was leading all along. I have often found myself in situations that have given me a new perspective on humankind, our struggles, our strengths, our limitations, and our individual limitless possibilities. I aim to avoid toxic positivity and keep a clear view of reality knowing that within a reality that sometimes feels harsh and relentless in its blows delivered, there is movement through and a rise that we are all able to find. Our human experience is not comprised of only good things, and I believe that acknowledging, experiencing, and feeling both the good and bad are integral to living a full life.

My young life was a study of human behavior, perception, acceptance of alternate realities, unconditional love, conditional love, inner strength, perseverance, integrity, deception...the range was vast. My adult life has been sprinkled with a myriad of traumatic and life-altering situations, which have contributed to my deep understanding and perspective on many aspects of our human experience. I share this to let you know that I am someone who is rarely surprised by life and its twists and turns, and one who does not judge. I know that we all have our own struggles and situations to address and that most often none of us know what others are dealing with.

My work experience includes being a translator, editor, and copywriter in an international law firm, a database administrator on satellite and telecommunications projects, the data manager and project manager for electronic publishing projects at a non-profit music publishing company, and a copywriter for the technical manual of a software system that supports CASA agencies around the country. I have also been an in-house substitute teacher and a barre instructor. Most recently, along with being a life coach, I have also worked as a health and wellness coach.

I love my family fiercely. I love to dance. I love to sing. 

I would love to get to know you, hear your story, and help you navigate this life toward whatever your heart desires. Whether it be finally getting a leg up on that neverending to-do list, adopting a healthier lifestyle, making that career move you have been dreaming about, trying to find peace amidst the stress of working, parenting, caregiving, and life in general, or figuring out what you really want out of this life...I would love to walk with you toward your goals and dreams.


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